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In this post we'll go over some of the early solstice celebrations and then outline some rituals you can practice on your own. here are many different ways to celebrates the solstice that have origins in cultures from all around the world.

"A maze is a puzzle to be solved, defined by ambiguity, blind alleys and blocks. In contrast, a labyrinth is pilgrimage, where one path leads to the center and out again. It is traversed as a metaphor of the personal journey: inward, center and outward; releasing, receiving and returning; yin, yang and the interstitial opening in between."

The Butterfly Dance is a petition for rain, good health and long life for all living things. The dance also recognizes the butterfly for its beauty and its contribution in pollinating plant life. The drums, the chanting, the rattles, and the costumes are fantastic in this video showing a dance ceremony in Arizona.


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"Before you take any decision, consider its effect on the next seven generations."

"Don't be afraid to cry. it will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts."