What Is Your Native American Astrological Sign?


Pyschic Revolution describes the origins of the Native American astrology symbolism:

Native Americans throughout time have held sacred, the connection between nature, animal, and man. Native American astrology is based upon your birth animal totem, which is the animal spirit that you are born under. A birth totem is similar to an astrological sign of the zodiac. Your birth totem can tell you many things about your personality, your attitudes, your abilities and your short comings.

These totems are often referred to as solar totems because they encompass many aspects of the "solar" system. From seasonal relationships to moon phases. But a birth totem is not the same thing as a spiritual totem or having a particular animal as a spirit guide. Those relationships are purely spiritual in nature. The animal acts as a teacher along your path specifically for spiritual understanding and growth.

As a birth totem, these aspects of the "birthing sign" are much more than just spiritual symbolism set along the road to help us understand a certain situation in our life. These aspects tell us about who we are, why we probably look at things in a certain way and react to situations or people using particular responses. We are more in tune with the characteristics of these aspects, almost as if we mirror of those traits and qualities. We can therefore use their strengths to help us over come our weaknesses.

Michelle Knight has an article outlining the Animal for each sign. Here's a couple of them:

Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20

If there is a struggle of any kind or work to be done, you want a Beaver on your side and you definitely don’t want one on the opposing team as they are masters of strategy and quick witted to boot.  They can be just a bit rigid and insist that everyone goes along with their way of thinking or doing and could possibly work on the charm sometimes for better results.  They are loyal, will give away their last penny and do anything for anyone.  Their shadow side is that they can become clingy, their strength can turn to stubbornness and arrogance and they can be just a bit needy.

Deer: May 21 – Jun 20

The Deer possesses an elegant blend of being able to entertain and inspire.  Watch them at a party or gathering of any kind and they will pretty soon be the centre of attention (their very favourite place), captivating everyone with their brilliant stories and having them in stitches.  They are such great company that everyone forgives them for being ever so slightly self involved.  They can also inspire other people, especially in close relationships.  On their shadow side, Deer can be a bit too self centred, stroppy, want everything now and might even be a little two-faced. 

Xtraastrology has some of the characteristics of the signs:


Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20

Element – Fire and air

Stone/Mineral – Hematite, jasper

Colors – Yellow or blue

Personality traits – Stubborn and methodical

Compatible with – Woodpecker, brown bear or goose

Western zodiac sign – Taurus


Deer: May 21 – Jun 20

Element - Earth and fire

Stone/Mineral - Agate

Colors – Yellow or blue

Personality traits – Moody, good communicator

Compatible with – Raven or otter

Western zodiac sign – Gemini


And if you konw what your Moon Sign is, you may want to check out this article from whats-your-sign.com.

Image from southarmstudio on Flickr