The Shamanic Culture Of The Q'ero People Of The Andes - Video made a video that outlines the current state of the Q'ero people of the Andes. It talks about their struggles to maintain their shamanic culture and the challenges of education their children and feeding their families in the tough terrain they live in.

This post on the site talks about the situation:

The Q’ero are a Quechua speaking tribe from the central mountains of Peru. Their lands cover some of the highest, most rugged and most isolated terrain in the Andes and their Pacos, or Shamans, are considered the best, most knowledgeable and most powerful of the region. There are currently about three thousand Q’ero living in 6 villages isolated throughout their territory.

Two schools, grades one through five, situated in the outlying villages currently serve Q’eros. The schools offer only the most basic education and are highly lacking in educational materials and teaching supplies. The teachers themselves are imported and for the most part unfamiliar with the Q’ero traditions and their shamanic practices. Most do not even speak the traditional Quechua of the region. Parents want their kids to receive an education however, when the Q’ero children enter the school house, they leave their language and traditions at the door and are taught only a western style education.

Here's the video.