Selenite Protection Grids

I set up a Selenite protection grid a few years ago and immediately felt its effect, both from a cleansing perspective and as a powerful protector. Unlike many other crystal based protections, once the Selenite is in place you do not have to constantly cleanse the crystals themselves because Selenites is self cleansing. First, a little background on the crystal, then some details about the grids.

Some properties of Selenite

  • Selenite protects. It shields from outside influences. 
  • Selenite is one fo the highest vibrating crystals. 
  • It is beneficial for the crown chakra and the 3rd eye.
  • Selenite can be used to remove energy blocks. 
  • It has the ability to clear and recharge other crystals along with being able to cleanse and recharge itslef.
  • Reverses the effects of "free radicals" to facilitate healing at the cellular level. 

Setting up a grid for protection

There are many ways to create protection grids around your home and many different crystals that you can use in combination with, or instead of Selenite. But, Selenite is very powerful and since it is self cleansing, it limits the work you have to do with the grid after the initial setup.

There are two steps to creating the grid: laying out the crytals and invoking the intention of protection. There are many different rituals that you can use for both of these steps so I while just outline the basics and point you to further resources.

For laying out the grid:

Do this by placing one piece of selenite in each corner of the room you wish to energize and protect. Place each piece in a north/south alignment. This requires that you know which direction the front door of your house or apartment faces. This is important in creating the grid.

If you are creating a grid for your entire house, you will probably need more than one set of four selenite pieces if your house has an addition that creates a cut out. Like my house… there are not 4 square sides to my house. Most apartments are set up with four square side and one set of these wands will suffice. For a house that is multi-level and is not set up as a square, you will need to treat each section as a separate grid, using 4 selenite wands for each section.

This link gives some examples of different layouts for different room constructions.

When laying out the grid you use a prayer to set up the protection. Here's an example:

Dear God/Goddess (or the name of your higher power). Bless this house and all who live here. Bless (and say their names here) and bless the animals who reside here with us. Bless all the people and animals who live here now and who will live here in the future. Allow strength and wisdom and courage for all who live here so that they may all live in happiness, health and prosperity. But most of all, let this be true so that we may spread as much love into the world as we are able. Let us begin now to be a channel for your Peace. Cleanse this home of all negative energy and use the Selenite to this now and always. Free this house of all harm and keep anyone away who would do harm to any one living here. Protect us and keep us safely in your arms. In gratitude, we thank the Divine for allowing us this wonderful gift of Selenite so that your love and compassion may be found in yet another place in this World. In light and love, we thank you.

Here's some other examples of other prayers you can use.