Psychic Protection During Healing Sessions


When providing sessions for somebody as a service or when you are about to go have a session, there are some things that can be done to ensure a clean session with a minimum of negative energy absorption.

It can be very common for healers to absorb negative chunks of energy from their clients. During a session, negative blocked energy frees itself from the client (or the healer) and must go ‘somewhere’. But where?

When I’ve given sessions to people in the past (whether ‘clean’ people or those who have let their lives slide for sometime) I have managed to absorb quite a bit of their energy during and after sessions. Sometimes I would wonder why I would crash for hours after providing a session. This list is made up of tips and tricks that master healers and psychics have shared with me through the years to minimize this challenge. These tips have served to eliminate this ‘crashing’ period after a session.

There is a long list of protections in the post including: 

Cutting the Chords, Disentanglements, Psychic Plugs, Wear Neutral or Darker Colors, Guarding your Energy with Eyes and Arms, Loud Singing, Figure 8’s, Large Bowl of Saltwater, Open a Window or Door, No Hugging or Touching Afterwards, Washing Hands, Clean Your Tools, Burn it up in your Core, Green Tourmaline, Gold Cross, Red Candles, Purple Clothing or a Purple Hood, or a Purple Amethyst Stone, Sage it Away, Cleansing the Aura of Feet & Legs with Essential Oils

There's alot of great details in the article. 

If you are looking for more on this subject you may want to look at "Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics" by Sophie Reichter on Amazon.

Candle image from Brenda Star on Flickr