Lakota Rock Divination

From Ross Heaven:

One of the best-known methods of divination, using the elements of the natural world, is the stone gazing technique of the Lakota Sioux. The medicine man used a stone about the size of his palm, which had at least four sides or faces. Even the act of finding the stone was done in a reverential and sacred manner, in the recognition that all things are alive, sentient, aware, and offer themselves to us out of friendship and a desire to help. The Sioux themselves have an expression which sums up the proper relationship of human beings to ‘the stone people’ and other natural allies: mitakuye oyasin – they are ‘all my relations’.

Having drummed or danced or chanted his way into a quiet and reflective meditative state, the medicine man would then turn the rock to one of the faces and hold in mind a question that he or his people needed an answer to. ‘Why, Who, What, How, When, Where?’ questions were all fine; those that required a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer were somewhat more difficult since the otherworld, the formless web of energy that we now call holographic, does not operate in the same way as human beings and polarities such as ‘Yes/No, Light/Dark, Right/Wrong’ are human constructs by which a non-judgemental universe does not operate.