How To Make A Simple, Sacred Medicine Bag Necklace

Shaman Medicine Bag NecklaceIt’s Called a medicine bag or pouch, and you can make a simple one in as little as a few minutes. But the preparation for choosing its contents and actualizing its healing, protective and/or divinatory power can take a lifetime. You can read more about that in my forthcoming book, Make It Sacred. (More details coming soon!) 

You don’t need to know everything before you start, though, because now is the time for learning and doing. You are, after all, a healer in your own right, and the sooner you allow yourself to discover your true nature and to then be of service to yourself and others, the better. Your time has come! And making a medicine bag necklace is a wonderful way to begin— and to advance— the discovery of your Spirit-given talents. It is a small but mighty powerhouse to energize your spiritual expression, healing and service. 

So let's go for it! Photographs and step-by-step instructions are available at my Shaman Drums 2.0 Podcast and Blog site.

Aho & Namaste, my friend.

About The Author

About Author BobAs an author, editor, publisher and journalist Bob values freedom, tolerance and open expression. He is now fulfilling a life-long dream of service and teaching through his practice of shamanism and his on-going independent research into comparative spirituality. His impulse for service also extends into making sacred drums and other ceremonial items and tools for people on a spiritual path.