Herbs For Psychic Protection: Garlic, Fennel, Basil, Lavender, Cayenne...

From learn telekenisis:

Grow Fennel in your yard. Fennel is a highly protective herb that will ward off evil of all kinds, including the evil from the hearts of men and evil spirits. It makes a beautiful plant for flower beds or rock gardens and becomes a natural shield to protect you and your home.

There's a long list of different herbs to use in different situations. Here's an example:

Dill: Good for protection against psychic attacks and as a general protection for babies.

About.com has a page with a bunch of recommendations:

Acacia: protects against psychic attack

Agrimony: useful for returning harmful energy to its original source

Basil: warns off negative magic

Black thorn: reverses a spell

Cayenne: returns negative energy to its source

Coffee: neutralizes harmful magic

Learn Telekenisis has another list. Here's a few:

Ferns: General protection.

Garlic: Banishes all types of evil.

Hawthorn: General protection.

Heather: One of the better general protection plants. Very pretty and easily grown in flower beds for extra protection.

Holly: Protection from lightening and evil.

Hyacinth: Protects against nightmares. Burn hyacinth incense before bed to help keep the nightmares at bay.

Hyssop: General protection.

Ivy: Good protection from psychic attacks and to keep unwanted guests from showing up.

Lavender: Protection against bad dreams.

Image from visualdensity on flickr