Healing Exercise: Eating Your Shadow

From PsychCentral:

The despised self, the disowned self, and the shadow: By any name psychology has acknowledged the dark side of our personality in many forms. It is also in literature (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and at the movies (Black Swan) we may first come to know the shadow. Psychology has long since been trying to get us to deal with it. There is a way. The ultimate way of coping with it is to eat it.

The post outlines a 10 step exercise. Here's the first 3 steps:

1. Write down three people you really don’t like. People you despise, argue with, are annoyed by. But don’t choose someone that you can tolerate. Pick the most difficult ones you can.

2. Now write down exactly what it is you don’t like about them. Their arrogance, or aloofness, or anger, or know-it-all-ness, or whatever. The more specific you can be, the better.

3. Check out the worst one of the bunch. Notice what happens when you think about him or her. One of the things you will realize is that you have a bodily reaction. Your body responds to the presence of this person. Perhaps your stomach, or shoulders, or neck. Something about them lodges in your body. Figure out where that is. This will be the cue for you in the future when a shadow activator is in your presence.

If you are looking for other exercises, here's a guided imagery exercise:

This exercise will invite your shadow to expose itself to you. Take some time to consciously enter into a quiet space within your heart: the healing of your shadow self is a very sacred moment in time.