Cleansing Your Home With Sage

From SalomesWeb:

To sage your home, office, etc., first CLOSE all the doors and windows. After a complete smudging, OPEN all your doors and windows! Let the sage and fresh air mingle and complete the cleaning together. I realize you may have heard it’s supposed to be open a door or window before you smudge. Nonsense! You need the full effect of the sage inside your house to clean it. After, you open the doors. Your house will smile big! I had a friend many years ago tell me she could always tell when I’d saged my home because when she drove by, the house was smiling.

Next, start your smudge at the front door paying close attention to the door frames all around, and crisscross your door going from top to bottom. If you find yourself getting tired or confused, ask the sage to help guide you, it will. Go all through your house, going to the right the entire time. Sage the windows, mirrors, pictures, corners, closets all through the home. If you have a basement, include that as well. You finish the clearing by ending at the front door. Then take the sage in your right hand and say thank you to the plant for helping you clear your home. It appreciates that! Start of drop or two of water in the kitchen sink and wet down the top to put the sage wand smudge out. Yes, it is permissible.

After you’ve smudged if you want to put a sweeter essence in the air, I recommend a high quality Frankincense and Myrrh combination incense. It blends nicely with the sage. Don’t skimp on this incense, use the best. The Purple People is one of the best sites to purchase high quality incense online.

There's lots of other great points in this article including why not to smudge the bottom of your feet.

Image from Digika on Flickr