By setting up your environment in a supportive manner and quickly recording the key parts of the dreams that you remember, you greatly increase your ability to find the deeper meanings of your dream and make dream work a part of your daily practice. In this post we cover some simple steps to take and point to key elements we should all be looking to pull out of dreams to get their full meaning. These points come from dream experts such as Sun Bear and Ariadne Green.

I've come across quite a few Blue Heron's lately and thought I'd take a deeper dive into what energies they are representing to me. I meditated on it and got great information that was very helpful, and now I thought I'd share what others feel the regal bird represents. 

The Panamint Dunes in Death Valley, California

The total absence of fear is complete freedom. Complete freedom is an expression of pure love. Pure love is manifest radiance from The Absolute – from Great Spirit. And with intention and impeccability, we can step into and be blessed by that radiance in ceremony.

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"To meditate is to look deeply into the heart of things. "